Frequently Asked Questions

You must give immediate notice to Pac Global Insurance Brokerage, Inc. at the following address:

Pac Global Insurance Brokerage, Inc.
898 Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 700
El Segundo, CA 90245
Toll Free: 888-PAC-8077
Fax: (310) 227-8511

Your failure to give notice to Pac Global Insurance Brokerage within 45 days after delivery of the shipment shall void your insurance coverage. Further, it is mandatory that you provide all supporting documents in a timely fashion, not to exceed 90 days from the date of first notice.

Although claim-processing times vary, depending upon factors such as geography and claim complexity, Pac Global Insurance Brokerage, Inc. is committed to providing superior service to you.

Ordinarily, you can expect adjustment details within 30 days after your submission of all required documentation.

It is within the discretion of underwriters or Pac Global Insurance Brokerage, Inc. to appoint a surveyor for evaluation of any claim.

No. You may not repair or replace an item without written authorization from the underwriters or Pac Global Insurance Brokerage, Inc. Any unauthorized replacement or repair will be entirely at your own expense.

It is very important that you provide as much detailed information as possible. Those details will always include the following:

  1. Shipping Details: Identify the exact delivery date, bill of lading number, container seal number and Declaration of Insurance number.

    *Please contact your Freight Forwarder should you need assistance in collecting any of the above shipping details.*
  2. Item Description: Identify each item you are claiming and specify the corresponding number located on the "Household Goods Descriptive Inventory."
  3. Nature of Claim: Identify whether a given item is missing or damaged. If damaged, include a detailed description.
  4. Item Identification: Identify the item's age, date of purchase, and original cost.
  5. Claim Amount: Enter the estimated cost of repair or replacement.

Yes, for a fee of US$75.00, you can opt to receive a claim payment by wire transfer. You must complete a "Wire Transfer Form" in order to formally select that option. Please request this form from your claim handler.

Yes, this can be requested. It is dependent on the policy and is within the discretion of underwriters or Pac Global Insurance Brokerage, Inc.

Should your request to receive a payment in a currency other than U.S. dollars be approved, the exchange rate existing with the sending bank at the time of payment shall prevail.

The insurance company does not guarantee exchange rates, which are subject to market fluctuations. A payment to you in a currency other than U.S. dollars must be by wire transfer, for which you will incur a fee of US$75.00.

The Underwriters are unable to cover the cost of any charges levied by your bank for receiving or exchanging payments to another currency to finalize the deposit.

It is your sole responsibility to prove the basis of all claims for loss or damage. You must obtain repair/replacement estimates through a reliable third-party, such as a local supplier or repair facility, commercial catalog, magazine, or Internet inventory. Please be sure to include a photo of a similar or like item.

No. The insurance company will arrange for surveys if deemed necessary for the size or type of your particular claim. It will be your responsibility to pay for any inspection or survey fees that you incur without authorization from your claim handler.

Submit receipts for an authorized inspection to Pac Global Insurance Brokerage, Inc., for reimbursement not to exceed US$150.00.

No. Your insurance coverage is restricted to the reasonable cost of repair. Your insurance provides no coverage for depreciation consequences.

We highly recommend that you use an express service such as FedEx or UPS for submission of original claim documentation to us. But we will accept legible copies through alternative means, such as regular mail, fax and e-mail.

The insurance company is entitled at its sole option to replace, with any like, kind and quality, or repair any article damaged, whether wholly or in part, or to pay cash, in any event not exceeding the insured value.

No. You have no insurance coverage for any loss or damage to your shipment resulting from any government action, such as a customs seizure.

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