Pac Global offers a comprehensive insurance program tailored to the unique needs of the international Household Goods Forwarder. Our program is exclusively administered in-house under direct underwriting and claim authority from our insurance carriers.

The challenges most Household Good forwarders realize are the significant level of inherent claim frequency and the lack of mechanism or management tool to evaluate problematic areas.

Pac Global's system generated in-house "Claims Tracking System" provides the forwarder with detailed claim reports acknowledging specific operations. The system will detail origin, destination, type of damage, processing time, frequency, and severity. Our tailored program is flexible enough to be catered to each clients unique business strategies.

Our Insurance Certificates are user friendly, and may be tailored to each client's tastes. We also provide Insurance Applications, which may also be tailored for clients.

The entire Declaration Issuance process may be completed on line, allowing for ease of completing Valued Inventory Forms, and the operating process inherent in administrating the accounting of same.

The Transferee/Shipper will complete the Valued Inventory Forms on-line, as the Forwarder has complete management control of Declaration issuance.

The claim process has been simplified as well, allowing the Transferee/Shipper to report their First Notice of Claim on line.

Our Household Goods Logistic program affords the following insurance products.

  • Marine Cargo
  • Legal Liability
  • Warehouse / Extended Warehouse
  • Errors & Omissions
  • Claim Administration
  • Unique Interactive Declaration & Claim reporting

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