Pac Global specializes in administering Transportation Insurance Programs for the domestic and international freight forwarder. In addition to managing the inherent exposures in the operations of a freight forwarder, Pac Global will develop a sales tracking program which supports the effective solicitation of Cargo Insurance. We understand, the more insurance you sell, the more insurance we sell, and the more protection we can give to the shipper.

Our General Merchandise Logistics Insurance Program incorporates the following insurance products needed to manage the forwarders' exposures, and enhance service.

We encourage our clients to realize the basic reasons to establish an effective Transit Insurance Program.

The Freight Forwarding Industry has not simply been providing for the transportation of freight. The role has developed to complete logistic management. It is imperative a forwarder provide a bouquet of services/products inherent in moving goods from point A to point B. The forwarders’ client, the shipper, not only wants their merchandise transported; they want it to arrive timely, and of course in sound condition. Our insurance services will elaborate the varied solutions to which a shipper may evaluate, and set in place, in conjunction with the advice of the transportation specialist, a tailored transit risk management program. Our Insurance Programs will support the rounding of your product line, while maintaining the desired price points.

All logistic companies operate with inherent liabilities established by both domestic & international law. Providing Transit Insurance to your shipper will effectively reduce that liability. Further, Pac Global Insurance Brokerage, Inc. will provide stewardship reviews which will outline your specific liability, and provide appropriate cost effective solutions which will collectively minimize these risks.